Self-described ‘Proud Democrat’ Andy Ostroy asks, ‘What would you rather have, $2.50/gallon gas or a democracy?’

Self-described “Proud Democrat” Andy Ostroy issued a tweet on Saturday asking Republicans and independents whether they would prefer to have a democracy or fuel that costs $2.50 per gallon. “Serious question for Republicans and independents: What would you rather have, $2.50/gallon gas or a democracy?” Ostroy tweeted. Americans have been getting slammed by skyrocketing gas

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Dan Aykroyd Is Separating From Wife Donna Dixon After Nearly 40 Years But May Not Divorce

Fans of Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon were shocked to learn that the couple is separating after nearly four decades together. The couple made an official statement to People confirming that although they are separating, they will remain legally married at this time. The Ghostbusters actor met his actress wife on the set of the 1983 comedy Doctor Detroit. The two were married later